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Department of History of Art



Residency Dates: 22 February - 8 March
Interested in politics of identity, home and belonging, Sana Ginwalla is an Indian-Zambian artist and curator. She is the founder and creative director of Zambia Belonging – a counter-archive of photographs that explore identity, meaning and value from people that have a connection with Zambia. Zambia Belonging is an initiative under Everyday Lusaka, an art platform dedicated to shifting towards more considered visual representations of Lusaka, in order to build a contemporary archive for future generations.
Following the completion of her Curatorship degree from the University of Cape Town, Ginwalla has curated exhibitions at the National Gallery of Zambia, Lusaka National Museum, and the Alliance Française de Lusaka. Alongside working with several upcoming and established Zambian artists, she has also curated works by internationally acclaimed British-Ghanaian photographer James Barnor. Ginwalla’s curatorial work often transcends the gallery and museum space through digital, written and print media. The layered nature of being an individual of the diaspora has led her to create multimedia bodies of work that explore heritage, memory and the family archive. Working in this way allows her to further understand her identity and place in the world, and is what she aims to facilitate for others too.
Sana is currently lecturing at Open Window University Zambia and is preparing to exhibit at the 13th Rencontres de Bamako / African Biennale of Photography as well as the launch of the new Lusaka Contemporary Art Centre in 2023.

Cambridge Visual Culture Visiting Research Fellow