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Cambridge is a world-renowned centre for research in the history of art and architecture. The department’s key research areas, in each of which we have a number of specialists working, are listed on the left, as are some current collaborative research projects. Graduate students may also work in subject areas outside these groups if a suitable supervisor can be identified. Remember that members of staff often have research interests outside their main areas of specialisation.

Research Integrity Concordat and Recommendations

Post-doctorate Fellowships Application

Full details of the grant and its terms, the applicant's research proposal and CV including academic references must be advanced first to the Head of Department, copied to the Chief Secretary of History of Art and the Faculty Research Administrator.

Care should be taken in all cases to advance to us any such proposal and conditions at least four weeks (20 working days) before any deadline for approval in order that due care and attention can be given to their scrutiny given the pressures on staff time and, in some cases, the complex nature of the documentation.