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Department of History of Art


Stephanie Azzarello

Reassembling the sacred: the Murano Master and the illuminated choir books of the Camaldolese House of San Mattia di Murano

(Dr Cooper)

Neylan Bagcioglu

Politics of the project: radical art in Britain (1972-79)

(Dr Skrebowski)

Ilaria Bernocchi

Italian heroic portraits in the Sixteenth Century

(Dr Marr)

Alice Blow

Cross-dressing in the Art and Culture of Early Modern Northern Europe, c.1500-1650

(Dr Marr)

Aisha Bornoe

The artistic agency of Norwegian female painters in Paris, c. 1878-1900

(Prof Blakesley)

Francesco Capitummino

Sculptural Apparatuses and Architectural Systems in Norman Sicily from Roger II to William II. Palermo, Cefalu’ and Monreale

(Dr Cooper)

Chiara Capulli

Displacement and reconfiguration: the effects of the Florentine Siege of 1529 on devotional spaces and networks of artistic patronage

(Dr Cooper)

Alice Cawley

Decadence and Proto-Punk Aesthetics in New York City, 1959-1976

(Dr Mahon)

Jonathan Clarke

The speculative office in inter-war England

(Dr Salmon)

Anneke de Bont

Early Modern Schematic Prints from Northern Europe (Dr Marr)

Amandine Didouan

Early modern equestrian visual culture (Dr Marr)

Julien Domercq

From noble to ignoble savage: representing the Pacific, circa 1770-1810 (Prof Massing)

Panagiotis Doudesis

Worlds in miniature, called centrepieces: The use of architecture as adornment for the formal table in Western Europe 1688-1815

(Prof van Eck)

Francesca Dytor

The Primitive Quattrocento (Prof van Eck)

Elisabetta Garletti

Feminist Video in the Twenty-First Century: Self-Presentation, Labour and Gender Difference

(Dr Mahon)

Giles Lucas

Seeing Below the Surface: Reconstructing Tramezzo Screens in Mendicant Churches in Central Italy

(Dr Cooper)

Robert Hawkins

Questions of sculptural idiom in the later bosses from Norwich Cathedral cloister (c.1411-1430)

(Prof Binski)

Elisabeth Huits

A New Visual Narrative of Nineteenth-Century Historicism (Prof van Eck)

Krisztina Ilko

The artistic patronage of the Augustinian Friars in Central Italy (1256-c.1370)

(Dr Cooper)

Amy Jeffs

Picture-books, politics & pedagogy: illustrating histories for a young reader, 1338-40 (Prof Binski)

Kamila Kocialkowska

The aesthetics of censorship and the Russian avant-garde: abstraction beyond art

(Prof Blakesley)

Alexander Kusztyk

Nineteenth-Century Painting and the Debate of Ancient Polychrome Architecture

(Dr Salmon)

Giorgia Mancini

Recovering the lost context of the Rovarella altarpiece by Cosmè Tura. The Olivetan church of San Giorgio fuori le mura in Ferrara

(Dr Cooper)

Elizabeth Marx

Piquant Perfumes and Putrid Effluvia: Visualising Smell in the Seventeenth Century Netherlands and Neighbouring Regions

(Prof Massing)

Sophie Rhodes

Peter Oliver and the Miniature in Stuart England (Dr Marr)

Isabel Stokholm Romanova

Fathers & Sons? Uncovering Cross-Generational Relations in the Russian Art World, 1880-1923 (Prof Blakesley)

Frances Rothwell Hughes

The Heraldic Imagination in Early Modern Northern Europe (Dr Marr)

Emily Roy

Modernization, Cultural Exchanges and Innovation in Russian Print Culture with reference to the Talbot Collection in the Ashmolean

(Prof Blakesley)

Luise Scheidt

The Representation of Battle and War in Cinquecento Venice (Prof Howard)

Bianca Schor

Picturing Dutch Brazil in Early Modern European Cultures: The Reception of Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen’s Brazilianas in seventeenth- and
eighteenth-century Europe

(Prof Massing)

Rebecca Tropp

Movement in the country houses of James Wyatt, John Nash and John Soane c.1790-1815

(Dr Salmon)

Koenraad Vos

The Display of Sculpture in the Vatican Museums
at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century

(Prof van Eck)

Ralph Wade

The Country Houses of David Bryce (1803-76): An
Architectural and Cultural History

(Dr Salmon)

Stella Wisgrill

Armour as Animated Sculpture in sixteenth-century Germany (Dr Marr)