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Current PhD Topics in the Department

Anshul Avijit

The Art of the Santhals of Eastern India

(Prof Massing)

Azzarello, Stephanie

Celestial sounds, earthly deeds: illuminated manuscripts and late medieval Italy

(Dr Cooper and Dr Panayotova)

Bagcioglu, Neylan

Politics of the Project: from Agitators to Collaborators, Radical Art in Britain (1968-79)

(Dr Skrebowski)

Bernocchi, Ilaria

Italian Allegorical Portraits, c.1500-1700

Dr Alex Marr

Blair, Anna Kate

Art Deco Hotels in French Indochina

(Prof Massing)

Richard Braude

Labour Law and Visual Culture in Medieval England

(Prof Binski)

Jennifer Brewin

Cultural production in the Soviet Caucasus

(Dr Blakesley)

Burgon, Anya

Colourlessness and transparency: Cistercian clarity in the long twelfth century

(Prof Binski)

Eleanor Chan

Transubstantiation and metamorphosis: A study of representation and argument in the emerging sciences in early modern Europe

(Dr Marr)

Andrew Chen

 Representations of Architecture in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Art in Central Italy

 (Prof Massing)

Clarke, Jonathon

English Office Buildings, c.1900-1939

(Dr Salmon)

Julien Domercq

 From Noble to Ignoble Savage - Representing the Pacific, 1766-1871

(Prof Massing)

Farley, Christina

The Effects of England's Reformations on Religious Imagery, c.1525-c.1625

(Dr Marr)

Faruqi, Samar

British Orientalist painting

(Prof Massing)

Fayos-Perez, Paula

The influence of Goya's Prints and Drawings in French Caricaturists of the 19th century: Social and Political Criticism through Physiognomy

(Prof Massing)

Federici, Angelica

The right to art, female lay patronage in Rome 1200-1431

(Dr Cooper)

Fisher, Elizabeth Anne

Art and life: a critical account of Kettle's Yard and it's agency within curatorial discourse

(Prof Massing)

Harvey, Maria

The creation and reception of identity in Bologna under Giovanni II Bentivoglio (1463-1506)

(Dr Cooper)

Herraez-Vossbrink, Akemi

Francisco de Zurbaran in the New World: Perception and Identity

(Prof Massing)

Hurley, Blaithin

Domestic Music Rooms in Sixteenth-Century Venice

(Prof Howard)

Ilko, Krisztina

The Iconography and Cult of St Elisabeth of Hungary in Italy with a focus on the Franciscan order

 (Dr Cooper)

Jeffs, Amy

The unexpected art of metrical vernacular history and romance in BL Egerton 3028

(Prof Binski)

Jones, Emma

The Business of Sculpture in Venice, 1525-1625

(Prof Howard)

Kent, Lucy

Modern Gods: Art and Religion in England 1900-1950

(Dr Fox)

Kocialkowska, Kamila

The Russian Avant-Garde and Photographic Censorship Under Stalin

(Dr Blakesley)

Kozicharow, Nicola

Maliavin and Stelletskii in Emigration

(Dr Blakesley)

Kriza, Agnes

The Russian Icon in the age of European confessionalisation

(Prof Marks)

Markou, Georgios

Art and culture on Cyprus under Venetian Rule, 1489-1571

 (Dr Cooper)

McCall, Taylor

The Body Uncovered: The Transmission and Evolution of Anatomical Images from Antiquity and the Arabic Middle East to England, c. 1100-1350 C. E.

(Prof Massing)

Rabinowe, Sarah

Ownership: the role of Renaissance law on art and architecture of Venice and the Veneto

(Prof Howard)

Sarnecka, Zuzanna

Domestic Devotion in Italy between 1400-1600

(Prof Howard)

Stokholm, Isabel

Fathers and Sons? Uncovering cross-generational relations in the Russian art world, 1880-1923

(Dr Blakesley)

Willaman, Cinthia

Sonia and Robert Delaunay's Artistic Exchange with the International Avant-Garde

(Prof Blakesley)

Young, Tom

Europeans and the Punjab: exploring the exchange of visual and material cultures

(Prof Massing)

Zagoury, David

Fantasia and imagination in Art Literature from Leonardo to Lomazzo

(Dr Marr)