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Department of History of Art



Philip Muijtjens is a PhD Candidate in History of Art at King’s College. His research project, which is supervised by Dr Donal Cooper, focuses on the use of space and visibility in monumental tombs in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italy. Before the PhD, Philip studied Classics and History of Art (both cum laude) at the University of Leiden, and an MPhil in History of Art (2019) at Cambridge.

In the years before going to Cambridge, Philip was also a part of a range of research projects at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge, the Royal Library in The Hague, the Huygens Institute and the Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard University) in Washington DC.


  • Religious spaces in the Italian Renaissance
  • The transportation of objects and patronage over long distances
  • Burgundian-Italian artistic connections.


Key publications: 

P. Muijtjens, ‘Patronage and Polemic: Constructing and Destroying a Chapel in Tenth-Century Lotharingia’, Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture, Vol. 6, No. 3 (2021), pp. 27-58 (Peer-reviewed).


Collaborator profiles: