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Department of History of Art

Supervisor: prof. dr. Caroline van Eck
College: Christ's
PhD topic: A New Visual Narrative of Nineteenth-Century Historicism


Lieske Huits is a PhD student in the History of Art at the University of Cambridge, where she is working on "A New Visual Narrative of Nineteenth-Century Historicism," as part of a collaborative doctoral partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  She previously obtained her BA (cum laude) in the History of Art and Architecture from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and her Research MA (cum laude) in Arts and Culture from Leiden University. 

Her interests include historicism and revival styles in the decorative arts and architecture of the nineteenth century, and the display of historicist objects in museums of decorative arts.


  • Nineteenth-century historicism in the fine and the applied arts and architecture
  • Museum displays of historicism, particularly in museums of decorative arts
  • Reception theory
  • Collecting and the professionalisation of art history in the nineteenth century
  • Interdisciplinary art history, particularly insights from archeology, anthropology, gender studies, and critical theory
 Lieske  Huits