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Department of History of Art


During the 3rd year of your programme, you are required to present a twenty minute research paper to your supervisor, other academic staff, and peers during the 3rd year Graduate Symposium, which will be held on a designated day/days at the beginning of the Easter term.  You will be required to take questions following your presentation.  

The paper should not be in the form of a conference paper ;  that is, just one aspect of the research, but should instead provide the sort of overview of the entire research project which you may find useful practice for presenting for postdoctoral fellowships, curatorial or other museum positions, and academic posts in the future.

This exercise allows you to gain feedback on your research and presentation skills at a crucial time in your career.  The paper should therefore devote five minutes or so to outlining the general area of research, sources, and methodologies; introduce the key research questions which have been addressed; and then give a brief overview of the whole dissertation, together with any major findings or conclusions which have been drawn to date.  If time permits, you may also include a brief case study, to give detailed flavour of the research.  The presentation should not be an extract of your latest research.