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Photographs of the University of Cambridge History of Art Graduate Conference 2012: ‘Beyond Borders: The Impact of Cultural Exchange in Art History’

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This two-day conference (10-11 May), which took place at the Sir Humphrey Cripps Theatre at Magdalene College, addressed cross-cultural influences within various art disciplines over a far-reaching geographical and chronological spectrum. The speakers were graduate students from all over the world, including some from our own Department. Each paper provided a distinct aspect to investigating issues surrounding cultural exchange, such as the appropriation of styles and motifs, patronage, and collecting. The aim of the Conference was to provide and promote a forum for scholars that are both examining, and are interested in, these particular issues, which was certainly accomplished. The success of the event was augmented by the two keynote speakers, Professor Partha Mitter of the University of Sussex and Dr. Sarah Victoria Turner of the University of York. 

This Conference was possible due to the generosity of the Department of History of Art and Magdalene College. The organizers are greatly indebted to the kindness and support of the faculty and staff at the History of Art Department, as well as members of the graduate community.

Organizers: Rachel Parikh, Josephine Perfall, and Molly Dorkin

Graduate Conference Partha Mitter and Jean Michel     Graduate Conference      Graduate Conference 10-11 May 2012     Graduate Conference 10-11 May 2012\DSC01222