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Department of History of Art


Organiser and Convener - Dr Lucia Tantardini, University of Cambridge

Following the highly successful Cambridge International Study Day ‘Drawing in ’500 Milan’ (5 July 2016), the conference ‘Drawing in ’600 Milan’ is planned to continue the scholarly debate on the theme of Milanese draughtsmanship of the Renaissance and Early Modern period. This conference will focus on the topics of Milanese draughtsmanship of the seventeenth century and master draughtsmen native to Milan or active in that city. We intend to focus on some of the major figures in the development of the art of drawing in this period, as well as on minor or previously neglected artists. Papers are also encouraged that will propose fresh interpretations of the visual implications of major socio-historical events - such as the plague of 1630 and the patronage of the Borromeo - as well as aspects of contemporary theory, the activity of collectors and the practice of collecting. We would also like to look at reciprocal influences between centre and periphery, and the developments of media and techniques. For the first time uniting in a round-table discussion the major scholars in this area, this conference aims to highlight both continuities and ruptures with sixteenth-century Milanese draughtsmanship and the new patterns of development in the art of drawing in the seventeenth century.

Drawing in ’600 Milan International Study Day Poster

Tuesday, 15 May, 2018 - 10:00 to 17:30
Event location: 
Richard Eden Suite, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge