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List of Publications F Salmon to 2011

History of Art Course Film

Jean Michel Massing CV

On the Spiritual in Russian Art registration form

Lincoln Cathedral Trip Student Reports

Lincoln Cathedral trip photos

Deborah Howard CV

Grad Conference 2012 Call for Papers

Graduate Conference Poster 2012

HoA Lectureship March 2012 FINAL

Information for Current Graduate Students

'On the Spiritual' Programme

Introductory Speech for Barry Bergdoll

Barringer intro

Hillenbrand Intro

Montebello Poster

Appointment of Examiners Form

Deborah Howard CV

Welcome Speech for Paul Crossley

General Calendar for 2012

The Forgotten 'Athenian' - Drawings by Willey Reveley - Frank Salmon

The Forgotten 'Athenian' - Drawings by Willey Reveley by Frank Salmon

GRS Poster Lent 2013

Medieval Art Seminar Lent 2013

Slade 2013 Poster FINAL.pdf

MCASS Lent 2013.pdf

Symposium Programme

Renaissance Encounters Menu


Programme 3rd Year Symposium 2013

Poster 3rd-year symposium 2013

visions of enchantment poster

HoArt newsletter April 2013

Walpole Symposium Registration Form.doc


C.R. Cockerell and the Discovery of Entasis in the Columns of the Parthenon

Walpole Programme Website.pdf

Michaelmas Timetable 13-14.xls

Part I Timetable Lent 2014

Part II Timetable 2013-14.pdf

MPhil Architectural History Timetable 2013-14

MPhil Text and Image Timetable Michaelmas 2013


Medieval Seminar Series Poster Michaelmas 2013

Graduate Research Seminar series Poster Michaelmas 2013

HoA Tripos Programme Specification April 2013.doc

HoA MPhil Programme Specification April 2013.doc

Library curator competition

Slade Poster 2013-14

Anna Gannon CV

Lent Timetable 13-14.xls

Part II Timetable Lent 2014.pdf

MPhil Architectural History Lent 2014.doc

Graduate Research Seminar poster Lent 2014

Easter 2014 timetable

Stone Carving by Robert Hawkins

Devika Singh - Approaching the Mughal Past in Indian Art Criticism.pdf

Devika Singh - Delhi City Report Frieze.pdf

Devika Singh Paris Delhi Bombay catalogue.pdf

Michael Ha Newspaper article.pdf

The Battle of the Styles Continued

Medieval Seminar Series 2015-6

Michaelmas Timetable 15-16.xls

Lent Timetable

Alumni Data

Department-UL Curatorial Competition Images

Taster Day Poster 2016

Stravinsly's Fox - registration form

History of Art Department photo 2015-16

Professor Jean Michel Massing retirement poster 2016

Stravinsky's Fox Programme

Taster days application form 2015-16

Taster day poster 2016

2015-16 Curatorial Competition Guidelines

2016 Curatorial Competition Poster

Timetable Lent 2016

Lent Term 2016 Graduate Seminar Series Poster

CDP 2016_Further Particulars

Ethics of Gesture Poster

The 6th Cambridge-Columbia Sympoisum Programme (New York 2016)

Easter Term Timetable 2016

Jean Michel Massing's Retirement Celebrations

Jean Michel Massing Retirement Celebrations Poster

Jean Michel Massing Retirement Symposium Programme

Humanitas Professor 2016 Poster

Joanna Hogg symposium programme

Jean Michel Massing Retirement Symposium Abstracts

Faculty Fieldwork Funding Application Form

Kettle's Yard Travel Award Application Form

Art as a Medium for ACTION poster

Art as a Medium for ACTION press release

Slade Lectures poster 2016

Department Timetable 2016-17

Response to AQA’s decision to axe the GCE A and AS level in History of Art

Election of student members of the Faculty Board

Lent Term 2017 Timetable

Michaelmas term timetable 2017

Lydia Hamlett publications