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Dr Aline Guillermet

Dr Aline Guillermet

Junior Research Fellow in Visual Studies at King's College


Dr Aline Guillermet received her PhD in Art History and Theory from the University of Essex in 2015. Her research interests include postwar German art, the impact of technology on contemporary painting, and digital art. Her postdoctoral research considers the impact of digital technologies on painting since the 1960s. She is currently working on a monograph provisionally entitled Gerhard Richter and the Technological Condition of Painting.

Aline has held a Helena Rubinstein Fellowship in Critical Studies at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York (2012-13) and a Teaching Fellowship at the University of Essex (2015-16). In 2017-2019, she co-convened the Digital Art Research Network at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge.

Key Publications

'Vera Molnar's Computer Paintings', Representations 149 (Winter 2020) forthcoming

'Seeing out of the Box’, in: Soft Power: Mosso, Morandi, Ziegler (Milan: Tommaso Calabro Galeria, 2019), pp. 36-38 (in English and Italian).

'K. O. Götz’s Kinetic Painting and the Imagined Affordance of Television', Media Theory 3, no. 1, pp. 127–156. URL:

‘From Net-Art to Post-Medium: What History for the New Media?’, Critique d’Art 50, (Spring/Summer 2018), 130–135 (in English and French) URL:

'Retracing Rauschenberg', Oxford Art Journal,  41: 1 (March 2018), 132–136.

'Denatured Landscape and Urban Pastorals', in: Joseph Hage and Hans Ulrich Obrist (eds), Gerhard Richter. The Overpainted Photographs. A Comprehensive Catalogue, Volume 1: Essays, pp. 35-40 (limited print run for the artist, n.d.)

'"Painting like nature": Chance and the Landscape in Gerhard Richter’s Overpainted Photographs’, Art History, 40: 1 (February 2017), 178–199.

'Memory, Forgetting and the Representation of History in Gerhard Richter’s “18 October 1977”'/ “Le souvenir, l’oubli et la représentation de l’histoire dans le cycle du « 18 octobre 1977 » de Gerhard Richter”, in: Mathilde Arnoux and Clément Layet (eds.), homepage of the project OwnReality, 2017. (In English and French). URL: