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Barry Phipps

Barry  Phipps

Fellow and Curator of the Collections, Churchill College

Modern and contemporary art; philosophy and art; artistic practice and scientific research


Barry Phipps is a Fellow, Undergraduate Tutor and Curator of Works of Art at Churchill College. He specialises in Modern and contemporary art and photography, often in relation to the sciences, as well as architecture and design.

Barry has a wide ranging academic background, which is rooted in Fine Art, as both an undergraduate and lecturer, and includes research in Continental Philosophy (Warwick), History of Art (Oxford) and the History and Philosophy of Architecture (Cambridge). He was the first Interdisciplinary Fellow at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, where he conceived and organised a number of multi-disciplinary exhibitions, including the highly acclaimed 'Lines of Enquiry: Thinking Through Drawing' and 'Beyond Measure: Conversations across Art and Science’ exhibitions. More recently, he curated 'Intersections: Henry Moore and Stringed Surfaces' at the Science Museum and Royal Society, London and There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres’: Conversations across art and mathematics at Peninsula Arts, Plymouth. In addition, he has devised and developed international Artist Associate programmes at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge and the London Mathematical Society, and works with a number of institutions and foundations in Scandinavia.

He continues to lecture and write on Modern and contemporary art, photography, architecture and design related topics.

Key Publications

Recent Publications-

There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres, Peninsula Arts, Plymouth 2016.

‘In Visibility’ in Berlin Quarterly, Fourth Issue, Berlin 2016.

 How Modern Life is: 10 Years of European Photography, The European Commission, London 2015.

 ‘Wegner Comes to Cambridge’ in Hans J. Wegner. A Nordic Design Icon from Tønder published in Danish. Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tønder, Denmark 2014 - English version 2015.

 ‘Of Timber and Time’ in David Nash: A Natural Gallery. Kew Publishing, London, 2014.

Prosperous Mountain an essay on Svalbard, Norway, for a limited edition DVD by Heidi Morstang, Oslo, 2014.

 ‘Play or Get Played’ in Gaming Gaming. New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014.

-Signs in the World: New Danish Photography’ in Next Level: Copenhagen Edition. London, 2014.