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Anya Burgon

Anya  Burgon

Anya Burgon

Trinity Hall

Research Area: The Mechanical Arts in Twelfth-Century Philosophy and Poetics

Supervisor: Professor Paul Binski

Research Interests

My PhD explores the role of the artes mechanicae, 'mechanical arts' in the philosophy and poetics of the twelfth-century French schools.  It explores how fabric making, armament, commerce, agriculture, hunting, medicine and theatrics – defined and categorised by Hugh of Saint Victor in the 1120s - were used as metaphors for the 'work' of eloquence and the liberal arts by cathedral schoolmen such as Bernard Silvestris, Alan of Lille, and John of Hauville from circa 1140-1200. I am supervised by Professor Paul Binski and funded by CHESS, the Cambridge Home and EU Scholarship Scheme.

In 2014, I completed my MPhil supervised by Dr John Munns.  The thesis examined why twelfth-century Cistercian legislation ruled against colour, with reference to the writings of the abbot St Bernard of Clairvaux on how to negotiate aesthetic experience in monastic life.  My MPhil was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.