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Dr Anna Gannon MA PhD FSA

Dr Anna Gannon, MA PhD FSA

Affiliated Lecturer

Fellow of St Edmund’s College

Director of Studies for St Edmund's, Lucy Cavendish, Fitzwilliam, Wolfson and Selwyn Colleges

Research Interests

I am an early medieval art historian. My areas of interest are the world of Late Antiquity and that of the Anglo-Saxon and other Germanic people.

I specialise in Insular Art and the iconography of early Anglo-Saxon coinage.  In addition to further art historical contributions to numismatics and interdisciplinary methodological questions, I am currently working on the exegesis of imagined sacred landscapes through the sense of smell.

I am also an Honorary Research Associate at ASNAC, an Associate member of the Coins and Medals Department, Fitzwilliam Museum, and a regular contributor to the international Lexicon Iconographicum Numismaticae project.

I am the Director of Studies for History of Art for St Edmund's, Lucy Cavendish, Fitzwilliam, Wolfson and Selwyn College.


•  Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles, 63. British Museum.  Anglo-Saxon Coins. Part i. Early Anglo-Saxon Coins and Continental Silver Coins of the North Sea, c.600-760, British Museum Publications, 2013.  (British Academy Grant).

•   The Iconography of Early Anglo-Saxon Coinage (6th-8th centuries), Oxford 2003. (Paperback reprint, 2010; Kindle edn. 2012).

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