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Department of History of Art


After completing six terms of study for the PhD degree you are required to submit a two page synopsis of your doctoral research project, explaining the main issues and argument of the dissertation, its contribution to the field of study, and noting questions and problems.  You will also need to outline your dissertation, chapter by chapter, and, propose a timetable for your final three terms of research.  Your work can be accompanied by a relevant bibliography and/or illustrations.  You will need to submit your Year 2 Log Book.

You will need to submit two copies of your review together with one copy of your log-book to the Graduate Office by the deadline listed in the Course Handbook.  The submission deadline will be listed in your Course Handbook and you will be reminded nearer the time via email.

The documentation should be bound with a title page including your name, college, the title of your research project and the word count on the front. 

Unlike the First Year Report, the Second Year Review is an informal assessment and therefore will be undertaken by one assessor usually from within the Department (and nominated by your supervisor) during late May/ June. The assessor will produce a report following the assessment of your submitted work. An oral assessment is not usually required.

It is intended that this assessment will help you to structure your ideas, offer you feedback on your work, and encourage you to adhere to a reasonable timetable for completing your research and writing.