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Taylor Jane McCall

Taylor Jane McCall

Taylor J. McCall

Pembroke College

Dissertation Title: Illuminating the Interior: The Illustrations of the Nine Systems of the Body and Anatomical Knowledge in Medieval Europe

Supervisor: Prof Jean Michel Massing

Research Interests

Taylor McCall specialises in the art of medieval Europe, with emphasis on the conception and representation of the body in medieval manuscripts. Her dissertation focuses on a series of nine anatomical illustrations, and specifically how the imagery evolved before and during the 'rebirth' of human dissection in the fourteenth century. Her research also considers the relationship between text and image, the circulation and evolution of images and ideas, interactions between the Arabic Middle East and Latin Christendom, questions of patronage and the agency of medieval scribes and artists. 

Before beginning at Cambridge, Taylor studied with Professor John Lowden at the Courtauld Institute of Art, where she was awarded Distinction for her MA dissertation on Western medieval anatomical illuminations. She received a BA with High Distinction in Art History and French Language and Literature from the University of Virginia.