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Department of History of Art



Since October 2020 I am a PhD candidate in History of Art at the University of Cambridge. My doctoral research will focus on the way in which the style and iconography of funeral monuments and architecture in Quattrocento Italy were influenced by contemporary rhetorical representations of the individual. 

Before the PhD I read History of Art (2014-2017) and Classics (2016-2019) at Leiden University and History of Art (MPhil 2020) at King's College, Cambridge (funded by a Master's Award from the School of the Arts & Humanities at the University of Cambridge). I also did internships and conducted research at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge (UK), The Royal Library in The Hague and the Huygens Institute in Amsterdam.

My doctoral research is funded through the Cambridge AHRC DTP and a Cambridge Trust Vice-Chancellor’s and King’s College Scholarship.


- The visual output of rhetorical principles
- Architecture and the 'fitting'
- Notions of the self
- The history of text criticism and reception of classical sources
- The reception of Horace
- Neo-Latin and Byzantine Greek
- Theology & ecclesiastical history
- Neoplatonism
- The history of intellectual culture
- Historic country houses
- Codicology

PhD topic: The relationship between the style and iconography of funerary architecture and the rhetorical representation of individuals in Quattrocento Italy
Supervisor: Dr Donal Cooper
Advisor: Dr Frank Salmon
College: King's
 Philip  Muijtjens