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Emma Jones

Emma Jones

Pembroke College

Research Area: The Business of Sculpture in Venice, 1525-1625

Supervisor: Prof Deborah Howard


Emma Jones is a PhD candidate at Pembroke College, supervised by Professor Deborah Howard, and is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council of Great Britain.

Research Interests

Entitled ‘The Business of Sculpture in Venice, 1525-1625’, Emma’s doctoral research focuses on the commissioning of sculpture and workshop practice in sixteenth-century Venice, and is primarily based on archival evidence and other primary source material. Her wider research interests include Venetian Renaissance art and architecture, patronage in the Italian Renaissance, and the history of collecting Italian Renaissance art, particularly sculpture.

Key Publications

Emma's first article, 'The Goldsmiths’ altar in San Giacomo di Rialto: a documentary case study of Venetian trade guild patronage', was published in The Sculpture Journal in 2011. She is co-editor of and a contributing author to Carvings, Casts and Collectors: The Art of Renaissance Sculpture, ed. Peta Motture, Emma Jones & Dimitrios Zikos (V&A Publishing) published in June 2013, and co-editor of Art, Architecture and Identity in Venice and its Territories, 1450-1750: Essays in Honour of Deborah Howard, ed. Nebahat Avcioglu & Emma Jones (Ashgate) published in December 2013.