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Department of History of Art


You will have your own record held on the University’s student information system (CamSIS) which will include information relating to your status since you made your application.  This information will include:

  • your contact details, which we use for sending you important information (including your approval for a degree).  You can update this information via your self-service pages
  • your attendance, term by term and what your status was in that term;  eg in residence, working award etc
  • whether you have successfully passed your 'first year registration' exam if you are a candidates for the PhD degree
  • your submission deadline
  • whether you have applied to study for another degree after this one

The University uses student records to generate reports for management information and for external bodies.  Examples of the reports produced include:  the annual count of students on the register for the UK government, the number of PhD students who have submitted within 4 years and the status of Tier 4 visa holders

The Student Registry is charged with ensuring that student records are accurate but will need your help with this!