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We are delighted to announce that two researchers at the History of Art Department have been awarded a Paul Mellon Centre digital project grant

last modified Nov 03, 2016 10:52 AM

Digital Pilgrim I               Digital Pilgrim II

The project, entitled Digital Pilgrim II, intends to develop the study of medieval badges by using Geographic Information Systems software to map pilgrim badge archaeological find-spots in relation to their shrine sites. Badges like this offer a rare and important insight into the visual world of ordinary people living in England between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, as well as into cultures of pilgrimage, travel and the cult of saints.

This two year project will begin in January 2017.

Digital Pilgrim I  is using the British Museum's collection of medieval badges as a case study, making it publicly accessible on online and 3D imaging a selection. The 3D models are being uploaded to the British Museum's Sketchfab account:

Herte by The British Museum on Sketchfab

Consistent with the aims of the Paul Mellon Centre's Digital Project grant, Digital Pilgrim is testing the potential for digital technologies to aid the study of History of Art and to increase engagement with large collections of miniature art objects.

For more information please contact:

Amy Jeffs,

Gabriel Byng,