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The Department would like to congratulate Yvonne Salmon who has been nominated for the Cambridge University Vice Chancellor's Public Engagement Awards, in recognition of her interdisciplinary research and public engagement activities

last modified May 24, 2016 09:25 AM

Over the last decade, Yvonne's activities concerning issues of representation have seen her give talks and direct events on contemporary art, film, law, drama, comedy and literature in galleries, clubs, Masonic temples and cinemas. She has held residencies, programmed film screenings and undertaken writing commissions for galleries and cultural institutions such as Getty Images. In her creative life she writes and directs performances, makes films and exhibits her own art work.

Yvonne Salmon [] is an associate of the Faculty of Art History where she has taught on modern and contemporary art, photography, counterculture, film and performance. She holds a number of other positions at the University of Cambridge, lecturing on law and legal theory for the Faculty of Law and Department of Land Economy, she is also a member of the English Faculty and an affiliate member of the Centre for Film and Screen. She is Chair of the Cambridge University Counterculture Research Group and directs the Alchemical Landscape Project, which examines contemporary representations of space, landscape and psychogeography.