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What will I study?

what will i study

The Cambridge degree is divided into two ‘Parts’, each Part lasting one or two years. The Cambridge system is uniquely flexible, so it is possible, with the agreement of the relevant directors of studies, to study Part 1 and Part 2 in different subjects.

If you study History of Art for three years, you will take Part 1 in your first year and Parts 2A and 2B in years two and three, respectively.

For an outline of the Part I and Part II courses, see here.

Experimenting with pigments at the Hamilton Kerr Institute

Learning about the restoration of a painting at the Hamilton Kerr Institute

Studying a partial and incomplete reconstruction of Rogier van de Weyden's Descent from the Cross at the Hamilton Kerr Institute

Watch a film about stone carving by Robert Hawkins, a History of Art Student


Watch an excerpt from the BAFTA-nominated ‘British Masters’ series by alumnus and Research Fellow, James Fox