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The Colleges


Every student is a member of a college. The college system is one of Cambridge’s greatest assets because it means that students live in relatively small, friendly communities, each with a wealth of resources for both academic and social life as well as for student support.

It is the colleges that interview and admit undergraduates and the colleges that have the primary responsibility for students’ welfare and academic progress once they get here. Colleges are made up of members of academic staff (called ‘fellows’) as well as undergraduate and graduate students from across the disciplines. They are a means of getting to know people from across the university well.

Each college is self-governing and has a wide range of resources to support you whilst you are here, which include libraries, dining halls and cafeterias, common rooms and bars, computer officers, nurses, chaplains, and counsellors, students societies and sports teams, and funds for travel or to support students experiences financial hardship. Your college will also appoint a personal tutor for you, who is your first port of call for pastoral support.

Each college has its own character and it is worth looking at a number to see which most attracts you. This will be the one to which you choose to apply in the first instance. More information on the colleges can be found here.