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How do I Apply?

how do I apply

Once you have chosen your course and your College you’ll need to submit a UCAS application. We welcome candidates from any type of school and from any country.

Writing your personal statement

  • This is your chance to show your enthusiasm and motivation.  Ideally you should devote about two-thirds of the statement to explaining why you want to study History of Art.
  • This might include your enjoyment of exhibitions you have seen, books you have read, work experience (NB this is not essential), or places you have visited.
  • Don’t waste words of poetic autobiography – this isn’t a creative writing test.  Use the personal statement to guide your interviewers on topics you’d like to discuss with them.  Your statement will be looked at closely for your interview.

Extra requirements after submitting the UCAS form

  • Some Colleges ask you to submit a marked school essay a few weeks before the interview.  This will show that you can write English clearly.  It doesn’t need to be about art.
  • Other Colleges ask you to do a simple exercise or test before your interview, such as going to visit a picture in the College and writing a short piece about it.

Admissions Assessment

From 2016-17 the University of Cambridge is introducing written admissions tests alongside the interview process. For more information please refer to the following section here.

The interview

  • This isn’t intended to be a terrifying inquisition.  We simply want to get to know you better.
  • Don’t worry if you are nervous – so is everyone else (even some interviewers!).
  • You will usually be asked to talk about a few postcards or other images at some point in the interview.  This isn’t a test of knowledge, but a way of finding out whether you are interested in images and responsive to them.
  • We are looking for enthusiasm and vitality, open-mindedness and motivation.