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The Lander Studentship in the History of Art

Pembroke College, Cambridge is pleased to be able to offer one studentship for an outstanding art historian, supported by the estate of Professor J R Lander.  In order to be eligible, candidates must be applying to study for a PhD degree in the History of Art at the University of Cambridge, with Pembroke as first-choice college.  The studentship will, if necessary, pay full fees (University and College), at the home rate, plus a maintenance allowance of £11,250 pa, for a maximum of three years.  Overseas candidates must find the difference between home and overseas fee rates by other means.  All candidates must continue with their applications for other funding where eligible.


Application Procedure


In the first instance all applicants must apply to undertake a PhD degree in the History of Art at the University of Cambridge (Graduate Admissions).  Candidates should indicate that they are applying for a Pembroke College award.  In making awards, preference will be given to those who nominate Pembroke as their college of first choice.


Applicants should also complete a Pembroke Studentship form which can be downloaded or completed online.   The awards are conditional on the selected student being admitted as a registered Graduate Student with effect from 1 October each academic year. Preference will be given to candidates who apply to the University by 31 January.  Where practicable candidates will be interviewed in February/March.


All candidates are expected to apply for Research Council awards and for the University´s CHESS, if they are eligible.  A candidate who is liable for University fees at the overseas rate is expected to apply to the Cambridge Trusts. The College will take into account candidates’ income from other sources when making awards.